How To Capture the Beach House Look 

By White Rabbit Cottage   |   June 17, 2024

As the warmer months approach, there’s no better time to give your home a refreshing beach house theme. At White Rabbit Cottage, we help you achieve the perfect beach house aesthetic. Our products blend relaxed elegance with timeless summer decor and furniture. Visit our home decor store today!

Creating a Seaside Atmosphere

Achieving the perfect beach house look starts with embracing the natural elements and colors. Select furniture from light-colored woods, such as whitewashed or weathered finishes. This way you can evoke a sense of relaxed seaside living. Our selection of sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables effortlessly embody coastal style. Incorporate our pieces with their airy silhouettes and organic textures.

  • Beautiful sofas
  • Versatile coffee tables 
  • Timeless armchairs

Using Coastal-Inspired Accents

Enhance the coastal ambiance of your beach house with carefully chosen decor accents. Incorporate touches of blue and turquoise through throw pillows, rugs, and artwork to evoke the colors of the sea. Our collection of coastal-inspired wall art, decorative accessories, and tabletop decor adds a layer of charm and character to your space, capturing the essence of beachside living.

  • Pastel throw blankets 
  • Stunning vases 
  • Stylish decor pillows 
  • Picturesque area rugs

Bringing the Outdoors In

Embrace the beauty of the natural world by incorporating elements of the outdoors into your beach house decor. Adorn your space with botanical prints, driftwood accents, and seagrass baskets to infuse a sense of coastal serenity. Opt for summer-themed candles to pull your beach theme together. 

  • Botanical wall decor 
  • Seagrass baskets 
  • Scented candles 

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At White Rabbit Cottage, we’re passionate about bringing home’s vision to life. That’s why we offer a beautiful collection of furniture, decor, and accessories. Let us help you achieve the coastal look you desire through our summer decor and furniture finds. Contact and visit White Rabbit Cottage today! Explore our extensive collection of beach-inspired decor and furniture.