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By White Rabbit Cottage   |   February 15, 2024

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At White Rabbit Cottage indoor lighting goes beyond mere functionality. It becomes an art form that transforms your space. Our curated collection of lamps embodies a unique design, featuring a range of styles that cater to every taste. We offer unique tabletop lamps that add a touch of intimacy to floor lamps that command attention. Explore the latest trends in lighting to elevate your home at your local decor store.

Complimentary Lamp Shades 

If you embrace contemporary trends, find sleek designs that merge form and function. If modern sophistication is your preference, explore shades with clean lines and neutral tones. Traditional enthusiasts will discover rich textures and classic patterns. Meanwhile, those seeking rustic allure can indulge in earthy tones and natural materials. With White Rabbit Cottage, your lighting choices become a reflection of your taste, creating a harmonious blend of style and functionality in every corner of your home.

Tabletop Lamps That Inspire

Our collection includes sleek and modern designs that serve as both practical lighting solutions and exquisite decorative pieces. We have minimalist designs and styles that have a pop of color. Our tabletop lamps are curated to add a touch of elegance to your room. For instance, we carry lamps with acrylic, ceramic, or metal bases. These lamps offer the perfect blend of sophistication and contemporary design.

  • Acrylic table lamps 
  • Ceramic table lamps 
  • Vintage table lamps

Floor Lamps for Every Space

Make a bold statement with our trendsetting floor lamps that go beyond lighting up a room. These pieces are crafted to be the focal point of your space. Discover styles ranging from industrial-chic to mid-century modern. Every floor lamp tells a unique design story that complements your interior taste. 

  • Mid-century floor lamps
  • Traditional floor lamps
  • Industrial floor lamps 

Visit White Rabbit Cottage 

Ready to embrace the latest trends in lamp styles? Visit us in Marietta and online. Explore our local decor store for a unique collection of lamps. Turn lighting into an expression of your decorative style. From tabletop to floor lamps, our designs are crafted to enhance your living spaces. Shop at White Rabbit Cottage today!